Friday, February 12, 2010

Competency - WorldCat and ERIC

How can copyright be protected in the digital world? (Or, how can we handle digital rights management – an answer to the first question)

I chose this question as I am interested in how technology is affecting the library and with it the idea of copyrights. The digital rights managements (DRM), I have found, is very interesting. Right now the news about Google books settlement is having to deal with just that question and it is one I am finding very interesting. The idea of who owns what on the Internet has been blurring and I have heard many arguments ranging from music (Napster) to ebooks. Since libraries must uphold to copyright laws no matter the form, I thought it might be in my best interest to understand this policy and the arguments that go with it.

Some other questions I would like to answer from this research:
  1. What is the source of this issue?
  2. What are the conflicting positions?
  3. What arguments or evidence are cited to support conflicting positions?
  4. Who has stakes in the resolution of the issue (or its non-resolution)?
  5. What is at stake for each stakeholder?
  6. What events, decision, or actions will lead to resolution?
Key terms or facets: protect, copyright(s), digital world
My terms: protect, protection...copyright(s) world, digital rights
ERIC/First thesaurus terms: electronic technology, electronic books
Worldcat thesaurus terms: trademark infringement, electronic commerce
I tried several different ways to get my table inserted into this post but was unsuccessful. I hope what I was able to include is easy to follow.

Some other terms I discovered from both databases that could work is: compliance (legal), ownership, DRM (digital rights management), electronic development,

ERIC/First search: digital rights AND management
Came up with 61 records. Several on the first page looked promising. I found this record that had lots of information: Imagine No Restrictions: Digital Rights Management

ERIC/First search 2: digital rights AND management AND protect
Came up with 5 records. I chose to look at this one: E-Books and DRM: Rights Management Solutions, Extant Automation Systems, and Institutional Owners/Lenders. (SIGs LAN, PUB: Library Automation, Networks and Information Generation and Publication). It talked about publisher's choice of format to protect content and integrating digital rights managements with current library automation systems.

Worldcat Boolgan search: digital rights AND management
Came up with 766 records. This was a little much but there were a few records on the first page that looked promising.

Worldcat Boolgan search 2: digital rights AND management AND protect
Came up with 24 records and several seem to have potential for my research. Here is a book that could work, Intellectual property and information wealth : issues and practices in the digital age.
Here is another book that might work too, Multimedia security technologies for digital rights management.

I found that both databases gave some good results, but there were subtle differences in them. I noticed that some of the terms didn't transfer between the two, but my terms did. Overall I was pleased with both results and foudn them easy to use. One thing I would like to have seen were articles about this issue today inaddtion to the books. I may also need to reword my question (or use some of my other questions) to get all of the information I would like to have.

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  1. I think you did a good job with the searches, but make sure to examine records for subject headings. This topic is extremely timely so you may also want to limit retrieval to the past 2 years if you find you're getting a lot. In WorldCat, there may be books on the topic that would provide you with a good overview of all the issues involved - as a starting point. Regarding the table, you may want to ask Michelle (post in Q&A). I know you generally can copy & paste from Word but I also know that some run into problems doing this.