Friday, February 12, 2010

Competency #4: RSS feeds

While looking through some sites and blogs about technology in the school libraries, I came across this great blog, The Unquiet Librarian. I was happy to learn that I could subsribe to her blog through the RSS feed (as you can see in my sidebar) so that others could also become aware of her. She calls herself a media specialist/teacher/librarin for a high school in Georgia and has lots to say about the use of techonology in the schools. I choose her because not only because he is working in the field I would like to work in myself, but because I liked the way she presented her thoughts and opinions as well as how to impliment technology into the library.

I also found another exciting blog titled Knowbodies. This blog deals with information about techonology and many other current awareness that might be of interest to librarians. In fact, one of the more recent entries was a link to debate titled "Do School Libraries Need Books?" I found that this a real concern and question that many people are starting to have.

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